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Add color and some debate.

I was thinking of what to blog and  I am totally disinclined to get my fingers tap the keyboard. I don't know if I was caught up with huge (or I just thought so) errands or been struck by idleness. I drag myself to sit on my chair and let the words flow and what do… Continue reading Add color and some debate.

A day in our life, FAMILY

Caught between lazy morning and Father’s Day

Most days  I am in my best mood of hanging out in the kitchen and happily trying out new recipes, but this day....  I feel too heavy to get up from the bed and I don't feel like doing anything ( sounds like a lyrics from a song )  anyway,  Hunny's home from his morning… Continue reading Caught between lazy morning and Father’s Day

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The Cheesecake Love Affair

Hunny and I went hunting for my most coveted MOD PODGE. After having our brunch we hurriedly hopped to another mall and continue our search. But there was an insatiable feel in my mouth which I obviously know the answer to, coffee!  And in the coffee shop, you'll see so much more to excite your eyes.  This is… Continue reading The Cheesecake Love Affair

Design & Decor

Summer is not only for people.

Summer is not only for people.  When you think that Summer only excites people to buy new clothes and bask in the sun to get the new trend. Homes get an update too, and why not?! you'll have all the summer feel in your home all day long all season long. Enjoy Summer even at home...… Continue reading Summer is not only for people.