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Caught between lazy morning and Father’s Day

Most days  I am in my best mood of hanging out in the kitchen and happily trying out new recipes, but this day….  I feel too heavy to get up from the bed and I don’t feel like doing anything ( sounds like a lyrics from a song )  anyway,  Hunny’s home from his morning jog, he even brought me coffee in bed before he freshens up (how sweet! ).  I checked my mobile phone to check social networks. I was surprised with wide eyes literally, to see that everyone has posted their Father’s Day greetings and so as my husband. I think I am the only person in the world who has a total ignorance of the passing day and no sense of calendar dates (I thought only in directions and maps).

I got up, greeted him with a hug and say “What do you want me to make today?” (pretending I did not forget his day), he replied with a big smile “Bread pudding”. .huuuh sigh! I thought he will say ” oh that’s alright do not bother” …

Dragging my feet I began to concede to his request.

after 35 mins. tadaaa! He must have missed this from his mom.

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