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Add color and some debate.

I was thinking of what to blog and  I am totally disinclined to get my fingers tap the keyboard. I don’t know if I was caught up with huge (or I just thought so) errands or been struck by idleness. I drag myself to sit on my chair and let the words flow and what do you know? It does the trick.

A friend . or so I thought (not anymore and it’s a blessing..It’s a long story) and I had a trip to IKEA to pick up items that would complete my long-awaited decorating plan to be carried out.

excited! It’s part sale.

It’s quite vague whether we’re frantic about what a wonderful world of furnishings and beauteous room ideas or was it after 2 long hours of driving we can fill our hollowed tummy growling next to each other.

Moving on with our goal, I am so serene knowing exactly what I need to throw in our trolley until we get to the MIRRORS alley. Unbelievably took us an hour to decide which one, I never thought how choosing mirrors could be grueling. What’s funny about it was we all had our own illustrations on what shape and length the mirror we’ll go for. My friend and her hubby had a long debate on why they don’t like each one’s choices. An interference had to be done in order for us to get through it before the store closes and I’m glad they both agree on m suggestion.

Here are the photos of the next day work:

Before: Glaring and Drab

This was their Family room which I decorated before, it was a bit of Japanese inspired decor with grays and green, it was intended for their boys’ gaming area. I’ve chosen a low sofa and can be converted to beds to accommodate sleepover and their boys’ movie nights. But after a while they decided to shift the dining area in this place thus requires a new treatment. (regretful I did not take any photo of how this room looked like before they shifted it).

Heavy wood formal Dining Table
Ikea frame

I found this bookshelf in their foyer, turned it horizontally, it is now converted  into a buffet table, added few accessories like the candle holders, flowers, fruit basket (supposed to be filled with oranges, so just imagine it was there) few colored balls, a small frame which is supposed to be two, in varying size (horizontal) and a postcards with green, yellow and orange graphics in it (unfortunately, we left it in the cart). I will definitely go back there to get it.

the neat idea instead of a vase with flowers. Did I mention that these candle holders were kid safe? Fall and shake proofed. Using a sticky clay to secure them from running kids.
A colorful cute elephant figurine was lying around their living room, now it has a new home.

White Roller Blinds was installed to let natural light through and to lighten up the heavy feeling of the dark wood and black frame. The frame has no backing to create a 3D effect.

I noticed these cloth Placemats and stitched them together to make a Table runner. I love how it added a pop of color to the table and coordinates with the framed art.

We were looking for a  black rectangular decorative tray to hold the white stones around the potted plant. Sadly we almost got one but it’s too pricey we had to let it go. The centerpiece as planned would be depicting a zen garden  with scented sticks  on both sides of the tray to lightly add a fresh ambiance to the room (we will continue our hunt for the tray. You can just imagine it again for now til further posts)

The winner of the Mirror debate.

following a deliberate decision, this square wooden mirror was the best option considering how frangible the unframed ones and the safety of their kids; plus the wood frames works well with the entire room decor. I looked around and dug the brown clock to hang perfectly above the mirrors.

This wooden vase was an original part of the previous design of this family room turned Dining Area.  Tucked a lighter colored stick in contrasts to the greens. The spaces on both sides are intended for a display shelf to place their porcelain and tea cups. But as for now, we haven’t bought it yet (imagination as for now will help).

Intentionally no carpet. The primary concern is the ease of cleaning and sweeping and most of all to make the room look large.  I infused a lively color which is non-striking hence breathes serenity which is a good balance from the dark colors of the wood and frames. A white element was infused to bring clarity and airy feel to the small room with big bold furnishings. And as my client friend requested, she wanted it to feel inviting, calm, cozy, with the color that she loves to give a lift from being drab but not overwhelming. and I am happy she liked it as much as we enjoyed working on it together.

Before I forgot, we are supposed to hang a drop light that we also bought from Ikea, but I suggested we make a DIY project to make the drop lights more interesting and looking unique….. Watch out for it.

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2 thoughts on “Add color and some debate.”

  1. Cecille,

    I had no idea kaya mo rin pala ang comedy. Good thing you told us what to imagine, I imagined so many times … I think I’ll go and visit her place so I can better imagine all those decorations still waiting to be bought.

    PS. have you looked at Galleries Lafayette in Dubai?


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