Happy Carrot Zucchini Apple Bread

During school days my mind is working incessantly from the moment I open my eyes in the morning til late of what snack/lunch the kids will bring to school. My second eldest son hardly eats veggies and the luckiest fruit has gotten a special entrance ID from his tongue is the banana, after a few years he allowed apple too. (rarely). That is why I was astonished to hear him asked me to buy some oranges. Of course, i did not waste a blink and darted away gladly. It’s already strange enough to make him like anything sour or citrusy, so if he was delirious when he said that, I don’t care this is a chance to grasp.

Due to the desperation of a Mom who must win against her son on a  veggie and fruit war, I had to cheat him.

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About Page

Tons of projects are yammering in queue giving me a sharp stare. So while they are waiting for my precious time to suffice their longing, I will begin by featuring the one hanging in my daughter’s room for a year now. We have a lot of  Friday magazines at home piling up like crazy.

I know, I know I can use it for paper maché, but if I do I sure will have a museum. Anyway, here’s  a cool idea to make use of old newspapers or magazines before it hits your trash bin. This will evoke the environmentally friendly and creative flair in you.

photo frame background

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