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Tons of projects are yammering in queue giving me a sharp stare. So while they are waiting for my precious time to suffice their longing, I will begin by featuring the one hanging in my daughter’s room for a year now. We have a lot of  Friday magazines at home piling up like crazy.

I know, I know I can use it for paper maché, but if I do I sure will have a museum. Anyway, here’s  a cool idea to make use of old newspapers or magazines before it hits your trash bin. This will evoke the environmentally friendly and creative flair in you.

photo frame background

A photographer friend of ours handed us the copy of my daughter’s photo shoot, It was just resting inside the envelope for a couple of weeks.  Looking at my daughter I know I would feel guilty all the time if I hadn’t done anything about her pictures. I remember having an extra frame, I grab it and thought to make it interesting than just to stick the photos.

“Ray of Hope” – I’d like to tell her that she radiates hope and the sunshine in our Family.
“boosting Ambition” – To remind her that to keep believing herself on what she can do and aspire to be.

I added pages from the magazines with wordings that match her personality, what she likes and nice words that caught my eye.

a delight to find this: Her favorite Soup
She loves dressing up ever since she was a toddler.

I chose the black and white theme to go with her dress.

I am elated having done this, really! not because I eased out my guilt but the happiness of seeing my princess’ wide smile when she saw this hanging in her bedroom when she came home from school.

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