Cabbage wrap in coconut cream

dash of chili flakes gives it a subtle kick.

Guilty as pledged. It’s been quite a while having the time to nod hello to my blog. Spare me of my occasional laziness and I sure do not want to be mistaken for it, of not loving to write. I plan to give a highlight to my daughter’s birthday last July and here I am going to give you nothing about it but instead an entirely different genre from what I’m supposed to. Well, it’s no surprise, after all, I’m used to myself being that way.

I’ll be sharing a recipe of my mother and eventually being a favorite of my two boys while they were growing up and I need to mention my brother-In-law who fell in love with this dish the first time my mom cooked it for him.

The origin of this food came from Bicol where my Mother was born and raised.It’s a region in the Philippines where coconuts, taro leaves, and peppers are bountiful. Mama used to tell me so much about her childhood and the dishes she grew up cooking and eating.

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Chicken cheese Franks and Mushroom

It seems years had passed since my last post. I’ve been busy, super busy with a lot of things rushing ahead and caught me frozen. Yes, frozen! I’d chose to petrify myself and not do anything instead. I am actually browsing my Pinterest and stumble upon a food pic which really resembles the one I’m doing for so long now. What’s funny is that this morning I called a friend to ask about the dinner we’re going to prepare for the upcoming Youth for Christ Camp and I suggested if my old-time fool proofed dish is okay with her. Then this lovely popped out telling me I’m on the right track. The dish looks summery as the name suggests. I’m sure you too will love this.
Photo courtesy of Visit this site for healthy and sumptuous dishes you’ll surely love. I adore her: D

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