My DIY Party Souvenirs.

Came home a bit late after posting the sequel 1.  As promised, here it is. This is kinda tutorial too I guess.

My Andy is one of the girls loving 1Direction‘s music, she asked me to buy a mug online to give away to her friends. I do not think it is practical for a slumber party which we planned, it’s costly so to speak. She gave me a puppy-face look and what a charm this kid’s trick can do to you to make you say “yes”. I do not want to disappoint my baby so mom decided to make our own. We bought 2 boxes of plain white mugs on sale.With the help of fabric tape, glitters, printer, a skillful hand for cutting, and my trusty mod podge; we now have our home-made 1D mug. Problem solved!

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Ikea Star Designer …Dream comes real when you least expect it.

My Bachelor Bedroom Design vote/like on this link: By Cecilia Lorenzo

After I finished my studies in Interior Design, I never got the chance to practice  Well, I did in my house., my kid’s room   as  I had to let it go to attend to my growing kids. We were in Fujairah back then and the job I mostly get were in Dubai, the distance makes it too impossible for me to grab.The one that I did recently was my friend’s  Game Room and later converted into a Dining Room. I have a collection of pictures of all the designs  I made in the past on our house though. We shifted a lot so I had more chance to redecorate.

Then hubby got a text message about Ikea star designer competition a month ago. He keeps persuading me to join but not moved to do it so early on, but I’d like to really try. It was my dream every time I pass by their tiny showroom, I was like ”  I wish I can design one of it”. I even go there to just give therapy to my eyes of what’s new, the settings and ideas.  Last few weeks, I was preoccupied with different sorts of things so did not take heed. I kept hearing it on the radio every morning and finally, I’ve decided to give it a go at the very, very late time.

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