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Ikea Star Designer …Dream comes real when you least expect it.

My Bachelor Bedroom Design vote/like on this link: By Cecilia Lorenzo

After I finished my studies in Interior Design, I never got the chance to practice  Well, I did in my house., my kid’s room   as  I had to let it go to attend to my growing kids. We were in Fujairah back then and the job I mostly get were in Dubai, the distance makes it too impossible for me to grab.The one that I did recently was my friend’s  Game Room and later converted into a Dining Room. I have a collection of pictures of all the designs  I made in the past on our house though. We shifted a lot so I had more chance to redecorate.

Then hubby got a text message about Ikea star designer competition a month ago. He keeps persuading me to join but not moved to do it so early on, but I’d like to really try. It was my dream every time I pass by their tiny showroom, I was like ”  I wish I can design one of it”. I even go there to just give therapy to my eyes of what’s new, the settings and ideas.  Last few weeks, I was preoccupied with different sorts of things so did not take heed. I kept hearing it on the radio every morning and finally, I’ve decided to give it a go at the very, very late time.

I submitted my bedroom design on deadline. Believe me, my computer was acting up that night and I was able to send it  4 mins. before midnight. I am not hoping for the win actually,  it requires voting. I know I’m the last one who submitted an entry so what’s the chance?. I am happy already, in all honesty just to get my design into their site. Maybe … just maybe it will turn out into something. I just wanted to show my work. I completely take my mind off it. And goodness gracious, I got a call last 24th  Sept  I Could not believe it. I’m over the moon that moment I was speaking to the  Store Manager of Ikea Dubai. The judges had chosen my bedroom. I’m so ecstatic. Like on the other line I sounded like cool and collected but on the other line,  I was jumping and screaming with no sound. Let me show you my entry, here it is:

After waiting for 7 years, for this time to come, it’s here now!
 So the next thing I know, last Saturday, I was in Ikea Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates for the last challenge. and here is: link to vote/like     by Cecilia Lorenzo   ( needing your votes guys..)
Kindly like/ vote for me on this link: By Cecilia Lorenzo
It is for a 30 yr old bachelor, and from there I came up with this. functional and most of all a calming invite, a sanctuary to relax or read a book after all day’s work. The chair is perfect on its own giving an almost not there look, which will not annoy the eye as it seems like it floats. I consider the space to have different zones according to activities. The work area, reading and of course for the snooze. The alien head reading light was inspired by my 13 yr old son who loves aliens, the wall clock with the map was from their idea a long time ago to make the world map their wallpaper. And most of all The Manhattan, New York framed art on the wall, it was taken from my memory of my eldest son who’s now 15, who keeps telling me when he was 2 yrs. Old that he will someday bring me to New York. The overall color scheme of the room is masculine but not boring. But this has no boundaries if a young gal prefers a color far from pink and not a fan of the flowery stuff, then this should do it. Vibrant color but speaks tranquility.
I am in need of votes now, I do not know why the other finalist is getting hundreds in a matter of minutes anyone knows how please feel very free to tell me. Here is the link for voting/likes.   by Cecilia Lorenzo
I am hoping to gather votes from the readers and bloggers. Hoping to get your support to full blast my dream that now a reality. Thanks all in advance.

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