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My DIY Party Souvenirs.

Came home a bit late after posting the sequel 1.  As promised, here it is. This is kinda tutorial too I guess.

My Andy is one of the girls loving 1Direction‘s music, she asked me to buy a mug online to give away to her friends. I do not think it is practical for a slumber party which we planned, it’s costly so to speak. She gave me a puppy-face look and what a charm this kid’s trick can do to you to make you say “yes”. I do not want to disappoint my baby so mom decided to make our own. We bought 2 boxes of plain white mugs on sale.With the help of fabric tape, glitters, printer, a skillful hand for cutting, and my trusty mod podge; we now have our home-made 1D mug. Problem solved!

at the height of 1D craze.

We filled it in with Nail polish, nail file, and a star-shaped choco-mint soap.

This is a simple melt and pours technique, not the really serious one with glycerin and lye kinda thing, just literally melt and pour. I thought of this idea since I was making candles out of broken crayons of my two little boys now teens  before.

glass beads

How I love pink and black! these lace headbands are a great giveaway too, you can make a more intricate one if you wish to but this one will be fine.

 One of the souvenirs I personally adore was this face towel, just look at the color and it will speak for itself. This is a no-brain-er roll-tie-tuck-way. This is to be used after the girls had their facials. I’d like it to look extravagant and exciting to untie.

This one is for the girls to take home along with a picture of Andy and her friend. Hubby cuts it out and actually made all these by himself. I remember the time back in Fujairah where we had an art and craft exhibition at the Nursery,  this is one of what I taught the kids to do; picture frame from cardboard. In this one, we purchased a gift wrapper disguised as a vintage page from a book. It has an acetate attached by a button fastener to hold the picture in place.

Another giveaway! I know they will be wide-eyed to see that they will be given something they do not really think of using.  It was made from Sugar as it says in the label ha-ha!  I mixed in olive oil, lemon, and peppermint essential oils, then wrapped the cap with a sticker tied a ribbon and it’s done.

Ready to meet the girls?

Here are the after-party photos.

The Mugs labeled by the girl’s name and their corresponding 1D fave.

The souvenir station

I do not know what time I finished with all of these but all I know is that i am more excited than my daughter in making all these. Maybe because I did not have this kind of Birthday treat when I was a kid or Is it because theme parties were not a fad at that time? or people never really thought that this is something fun to do? whatever it maybe, now I got the chance to experience what I hadn’t esp. the sleepover.   And I am sure it will be happier this time, because, It’s my daughter’s day and  I will see before my eyes how wonderful the time she will have with her friends. An amazing experience she will treasure till she’s all grown up.

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