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Adobo Pasta

I won't be blabbing much to share this recipe I just hurriedly whipped today. As you can see my life now with Noah (who's, by the way, turned 9 months last Apr.16) is like playing Quidditch and time is an elusive golden snitch which I have to catch while he is asleep. We were in the kitchen and dear son is crying as if it's the best day to cry ever. But mind you I was only an inch away from him. Anyway, I saw the leftover pork adobo in the fridge and instantly just like an automated machine I looked for a packet of pasta and viola!


Spring Break 2015.. kids,new baby, hubby and ootd

First blog in 2015. Got a lot of things in mind to share but just couldn't find a time. Last year was all about my baby bump (once again...for the 5th time 😊) busy months, and I wish sooner I can share it with you and hopefully sum them up in one writing.I am really… Continue reading Spring Break 2015.. kids,new baby, hubby and ootd