Our Young Living Journey

Young Living Essential Oils.. The beginning of wellness.


Recently, I made a decision to embark on a new road to a healthy lifestyle due to my restlessness in finding solutions for my kids skin conditions.

My Family has been dancing along asthma and all the allergies it brings.  My daughter was allergic to a lot of things including salt getting into her skin, tears create welts on her cheeks, from varieties of food especially fish. Oh boy! that fish did not even make it to the plate, the smoke while frying it were enough to cause anaphylactic shock when she was around 5 or 6 months old. That flew us right off to the emergency.  She grew up being aware of her conditions and learnt to be cautious growing up. By age 8 1/2 years old she sped up into early puberty. Yes, you read it right, I know, I know that sounds strange but trust me I too were surprised to learn that it’s possible. She’s seen by an OB gynecologist on her complain of breast pain, and a dermatologist for the tiny white bumps appearing on her forehead. Given with commercial products laden with synthetics and chemicals made me ventured into natural ingredients to remedy teen skin woes  of her brothers and her delicate young skin gently and effectively.

Discount Card please!

I gave good business to pharmacies and skin care shops for quite a long time that I should be given a special customer card for it. Believe me when I say I tried almost all the products out there ranging from magazine recommendations and website reviewed products.  Well , you are free to Imagine the stash of skin care we have, to the point of confusion to my kids on which to use first and for what?  Maybe there must have been a time they used to shake their heads to remind themselves their at home and not in the pharmacy or a shop.

So as a soldier not satisfied til the mission is accomplished, I decided to upscale the effort and divert strategy. I resorted to using natural ingredients, hence made oatmeal the top candidate and a favorite. Ok, don’t worry I wont be tackling the whole kind of oatmeal properties and scientific research and all  on this blog. I’m not a fan of long clichéd blog reads either.

Another challenge up ahead…

My second son suffered with severe rashes when he got back to Philippines. He never had it here in UAE.   After a number of doctor visits, changing of prescription and worst of all, the steroid shots to alleviate the worsening condition, he had his blood tested to rule out psoriasis. I’m relieved but somehow dissatisfied with the doctor not being able to name it. But at least it was known that my son needs to hydrate the skin more and the cause would’ve been his own sweat soaking up the skin. The change of climate apparently was the big factor. I sent Him a unscented organic lotion to use and made a difference on his skin. Mind you it has lavender in it.

The whole idea.

To make the whole story short for each child I have which by the way are 5, and might bore you. It just goes by saying that, they have eczema, can easily get a rash, has rhinitis and so on.

Marvels of Essential Oils

I have been reading about Essential Oils, the enormity of wonderful uses and benefits to health are greatly surprising. Destiny is really leading me to it upon  hearing about the  Young Living EO classes being held in our area. I decided to give it a go, I went home with Sugar scrub with precious Frankincense in it. It was luxurious to the skin, It lasted me and my daughter 4 months from then on I was hooked. I made my first eczema salve for my daughter using Frankincense and Clary Sage (generously given by friends for me to try) mixed on Virgin Coconut and Argan Oil. Okay I have to be honest,  it’s actually meant as my face moisturizer but knowing the overlapping uses of the EO compelled me to use it on her eczema.

We were like ” OMG”! How marvelous. The one on her nape finally got healed too after years of unresponsiveness to the prescriptions we tried.


The moisturizer / eczema salve


Well, I know eczema comes back and cannot be cured completely but having the armor to shut the villain is assuasive enough for us. This made me realized 3 things; for one, My daughter’s skin responds better on natural ingredients, second is how potent Essential Oils are and last, I’m pleased that we are freed from products laden with harsh chemicals and synthetics.

Changes can be liberating. 

How else can I stop adoring Essential Oil from now on? I can’t and I won’t. This is the what I have been looking for to resolve a whole lot of issues in my family’s health needs.

I’m glad I went to the class, I’m glad I met people who believes in alternative, natural, organic approach to wellness, I’m glad I’m leaning on a new horizon, a new road, a new endeavor.

There’ll be more posts coming on how remarkable Young Living Essential Oils  are and the proven results as it actually promised to deliver.

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