Our Young Living Journey

The Oily Week

The week gone by fast and thanks goodness that it has been kind to us.  It looked liked my recent purchase of essential oil has put it’s credibility to the test. I had vertigo the night I picked i up from the courier post, not that they don’t have door to door delivery, just my excitement to get it right away and anyhow I’m within the area already.  I diffused lavender to help with my vertigo, and oh boy it’s amazing, I woke up with ease an rested like in a deep slumber. It doesn’t happen for a long time now. Not to mention My daughter felt better from sore throat and her body temperature got back to normal. Noah, my youngest slept through the night hardly asking for milk and the usual bouts of crying in the middle of the night never happened : )  

I thought i’m the only one excited!

Circumstances had its plan on challenging me and these oils, but the confidence I have from these sustain my courage to somehow feel reassured. Hubby had his temperature tad higher than usual and started sneezing. I know the rest of how it will go for days so I made him  an oil massage to help him with the discomfort. He survived the night shift for four days applying the oil massage every 2 hours.  Essential Oil delivered as it claims, hubby did not pop any pill to feel better.  As for me it’s gratifying making the rightful choice of advocating natural based wellness. If I can just radiate the feelings I had that day, oh glorious!

It did not stop there, there’s PMS discomposure that went by breezy  using another EO blend massage I made.  This actually made me feel like I can be in control on conditions we may have. The first aid is within reach and gives an amazing result.

Here’s the summarize how the challenges of the week has been, here’s few of the photos:

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The morning after the high temperature from the throat Infection ( FYI: It’s the usual cycle for Noah, that’s why I know) due to cold, runny nose.

Soaking up on wam bath with 3 Drops  Young Living Thieves Essential OIl for Immunity boost.

All smile for mom seeing him woke up like nothing happened and back on his feet playing. I won’t mind having no sleep at all just to give all the kind of care my child needs. Who wouldn’t like it if the reward is heart fulfilling.  I’m a mom, that’s a pride within that gives you another pat on the back on job well done. Thanks God for his fast recuperation, Thanking him for the gift of knowledge, for the natural things He provided to use for our favor.





Here’s random photos the following day.  Happy and actively running around.

later that night another child had Essential Oils into working mode again but as true to it’s beneficial properties, Luis is up after a couple of days and has felt the improvement the following night and up the next morning.


We managed well using Young Living Essential Oils by:

  • Diffusing blends working 5 hours all night to fill the air we are breathing with compounds from EO  and on during the day divided hourly, rotating different combinations of  EO drops.
  • Oil rub I made specifically for the purpose intended for ease of the condition. Applied on chest up to neck, back of ear, crown of head, back or spine and nape every 2 hours. But I did hourly.
  • Intermittently a direct inhalation from the bottle of oil, the cap of the oil bottle for Noah (for the OIL users , you know how potent the scent is)

♥ Blend Recipe:

* 50 ml Cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil (carrier oil)

lavender 2 drops used for my three-year old.

* Added a drop of peppermint   to use for  the 12-year-old and up.

Enough for 2 uses applied almost hourly. I was crazy, I know! I can’t sleep when they’re not feeling well.  I was left with 10 ml.



  • 50 ml Cold pressed Virgin Olive oil
  • Clarysage 2 drops
  • PanAway 1 drop
  • Frankincense 2 drops
  • Cedar wood 2 drops

These Essential Oils has properties that helps in hormone balancing, PMS, discomfort from ovulation, mood enhancer, anti Inflammatory, soothing, calming. I used this for breast tenderness and knee pain as well.




This blend is carry bottle my husband applied every 2 hours at work during his night shift.

  • Thieves Vitality 1 drop
  • Oregano 2 drops
  • Eucalyptus 2 drops
  • 10 ml carrier oil Cold pressed V. Olive Oil

Blends are for Immunity boost, natural anti Inflammatory, soreness. anti-bacterial, anti-histamine and so on.


These are the oils used on rotation on my diffuser usually 1 drop each in every combinations.  2  or  3 oil combinations.




Essential Oils used in variety of ways speeds up the period of recovery and highly gives the Immune system its ally to be on top of its defense.  If you happen to have any helpful experience using  Young Living Essential Oils, feel free to share it below, to connect with people with the same pursuit of healthy lifestyle using natural products.

If you are interested to know more about Essential Oils, I’ll be very glad to  fill you in and will guide you through purchasing it. Drop me a line by email.

Here’s my link to venture into Young Living Essential Oil journey:



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