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One Fine Dec 3 Morning

Typical Breakfast

Just an idea that popped-out the night before, to have an early morning breakfast at the gazebo near the New Recreation Centre. Anyway for my family, early means before lunch so as I always do, woke-up ahead of them and prepare our planned simple breakfast at the park.

It’s a perfect chance to catch the morning sunshine which rarely happens as they wake up late almost everyday. Luckily here in UAE, the onset of winter is just around the corner and the temperature this morning is quite breezy even at 9 a.m.

And of course the little boy is already on the loose exploring.

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There he is….strolling around happily…our little gentleman…Our NOAH

Being a toddler full of curiousity, he’s got this great fascination for vehicles.  He kept looking at the truck parked nearby, scanning it with such joy. He was very happy that he was given a chance to ride a Mini Truck and a Pick-Up Truck. I know Noah is one happy content boy that morning. He was full of satisfaction and joy from running outside to play and spend the morning with so much energy.

A good breakfast spent with family on a cold morning sipping hot coffee is simple yet well spent..Stress Free and Full of Blessings… Enjoy Life to the Fullest. Always Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry… God bless  everyone

I’m sure you have your own moments like this, you are welcome to share your happy and simple ideas of your mornings at the comment section. Enjoy the week!!



– CHRIS(dadw5k)

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