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My friends and I are having a Christmas sleepover few days from now, YAY! and we’re gonna be exchanging gifts, how do you pass up a tradition? We have been doing it since we were 8.  It’s so timely because it was my friend’s birthday a few days ago and I haven’t gotten her any present. My bad I brought only one for her sister who’s also my friend. I  forgot It her’s too. so I decided to make her, her own separate gift which I am sure she’ll definitely like.

A scrapbook would be nice, one filled with her favorite person from the show Stranger Things and the movie “IT” (It’s a really REALLY good show, please watch it) would be a great idea for a nice gift, It’s personalized and shows an effort out of love.


Look at this beauty!  I found this scrapbook from Daiso for only 7.00AED. I specifically  looked for a blank scrapbook with a few pages in it.  I glued on the perfectly chosen pictures I got from the internet then  added some decorations to make it look, well, alive and fun.  She can do more on it’s pages like adding  some of the actor’s tweets, and activities. or even her photos alongside too.


Here’s how it looks:




I’m so excited. I will be posting a few photos of the happenings after the party.

Guys, gifts does not need to be expensive, It’s always the thoughfulness that counts and the effort to make the person happy.  What presents do you have in mind for your friend or family this Christmas? You can share your  Ideas in the comment section below.


Finn Wolfhard everybody 👏

– Andrea

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