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What your Skin need this Winter season


Hey, girlfriends it’s DIY monday! The ladies gather once more for a morning loaded with fun. A couple of week ago, Jenny Peña ( Young Living leder in Ruwais) got her DIY lotion, lip balm and  spray kit sent by Jenny Morris (Our leader in US), she’s so generous to share these things to us across the miles.

These lovely boxes are filled with essentials to boost hydration during this winter season.  You probably pulled out your winter clothing stowed at the back of your closet or bought a new pair of boots. Some may already have their new  ideas for makeup look and planned events on holidays. If you got all these in check then… check again! Hope you did not miss on including your Winter skin needs. Yep that’s right, we may be so fab with the right ensemble and the dark lippie,  but it won’t ever feel right when your skin is tight.

It’s always feel more glamorous when you can maintain a glowing skin even without  makeup. Healthy skin goes with fantabulous outfit too.


winter skin must-haves


We were excited to make our own balm, lotions and spritzer to get ready for the cold months.

And even though most of us have kids in tow, we can’t pass this event. Well it seems like the kids are part of the OILY MOMS now, they are used to these kind of meet and probably excited too thinking it’s their playdate. See! Moms and kids can have fun simultaneously.





I love the exchange of information we had, we’re learning something new from another. Be it about oils, momhood, girl stuff or share petty stupid things. What’s  hearty of all is when  we’re all  able to laugh on silly things about ourselves.




It’s relieving to realize that we all have the same drama and you are not alone being crazy on most days. I actually feel relaxed and goes home with refreshed mind and new energy to wrestle the whole week.

              Let’s peek at the savvy go-to for this cold season!

1.Lotion Potion

Cold season is drying and having a reliable moisturizer to counter these effects is a top priority. Hydration is key especially when you are slathering a natural and plant based product that ensures only goodness and what the skin regarded as food. Efficiency is at it’s finest when no synthetics and harsh chemicals are being fed to the skin.

     They looked like edible Whipped Cream!

The DIY Kit contains lotion base, recipe card,6 pouches and labels so just add your essential oil. But it’s not limited to the recipe ideas on the card. You are free to customise it to your liking with the versatility of Essential oils, you can certainly create our own mixes that suits individual needs or purpose. By the way this lotion is so versatile it can be used for the face and body. Where else can you get a lotion like this? Let me tell you,  the answer is nowhere! Only  the finest high quality Essential Oil can make it possible.

                                      2.  Lip Balm 

Chapped, crack lips is natural occurrence no matter what season. Our lips need exfoliation as well as moisturization throughout the day. To combat dryness and flaky pout make sure you have a balm handy whether stashed in your bag or in your nightstand.

                                          3. Yay! SPRAY

Facial mist is not only for summer it’s a staple to carry in our purse to have a ready hydration as skin might feel tight during the day. Plus it gives a boost of energizing scent and  a ton of protection from having a stressed skin. Think of it as skin’s energy drink.

The spritzer we made is so a-ma-zing! I made a face mist instead of what the recipe calls for as a room, pillow and household cleaning spray.  Facial mist is well-fitting for my hydration need during these times. As the air gets cooler it tends to dry out the skin more.

You do not need to carry a boxful especially for women who wants to keep things simple and basic. Just these three staples will do and most likely will be enough to keep dryness out of sight.


                        The day ended with me winning a raffle.  Guess it’s my lucky day!


Now who doesn’t like an Oily meet up?

If you wanna know more about essential oil or ready to have it as healthy life essentials you can visit this link.: www.heavenlytreasure.net/cecille

I can help you start your Essential oil journey, You may drop me a line with all your queries here: Connect with me

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