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Can you love only once?

Yes, you read it right! Love once. Here it goes before I confuse you. I was sitting on my bed today praying for my kid’s goodness and blessings. I started looking at my three year old and hug him ever so tight and kiss him on his cheeks. He smiled; and at that moment my whole being was satieted.


I realized that I emptied out all my wanting and need in this world and replaced it with so much passion and devotion with my kids.

My eldest, Miguel whose now twenty years old is often in my prayer, he is my first love and later came the other firsts😅. I know right? This is the only contradicting statement of the word “first” you’ve ever read.

Then their faces started popping up in my head, by the way I have five

like the cinematic effect in movies. I know that these people, my people are the definition of Love I will forever understand in my heart.


It’s broad but not perplex as everyone often describes it.

ONCE does not mean just one person, thing, moment, memory etc. ONCE denotes having a true affirmation in your heart that, that love is given and protected towards anything you know is constant in YOUR heart as a totality of it.

Not even when they leave or stay can waver that love you have for it.

Love once and keep it

In a lifetime you’ll find the person, people or anything that you gave your heart into, no matter how time passed, changes, circumstances or mishaps the world throw upon you; that love is unmoved and thriving. That’s when you know you have “love once”.

I’m sure we all have that in our life. And when you do find it, keep it.


*The kind of love embedded to anything or anyone that became the essence of your life.

*The kind of love you are able to trade yourself with because you know you will be happier to give up your own to see them or make it safe and make it better.

* The kind of love that you know comes once in a lifetime and can’t be taken away by anything.

*The kind of love so comforting that it’s an achievement of your being.

Life may not be perfect but you got this one that is close to faultless.

Now look around you, ponder for a moment. Search within you and I’m sure you’ll find yourself smiling thinking for having found it😉

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