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Shoo Flu… Don’t bother me.

Most days I am well and enjoying it a lot. I get to multi task and stretched my day as far as my stamina can hold it. But today isn’t that day. I went out to run for a few errands and though it was a quick one and didn’t actually exhaust me It frantically made me felt uneasy. After a few moments later I can’t hold up sitting down for long. I’m feeling feverish and throat began to feel heavy and sore. Oh goodness, that quick errands outside got me scooping some virus into my system. “Not now oh please I have a ton of things to do!” Okay! Yeah, I know flu won’t hear my plea.

Ruined Plan

Ahh this is when I get helpless… Becoming sleepy. Did you know I love sleeping and at the same time hate it too? Okay, I have an explanation so hear me out. I love sleeping who doesn’t? . It’s the ultimate form of relaxation as it eases all the muscle tensions, emotional stress and physical exhaustion. Sleep allows our body to regenerate strength and increase the level of immunity. What I like most is it’s nature of taking me off from the worldly cares. Isn’t it a great way to recharge? Whoa wait keep reading, It’s not the right time for that yet😅

I hate sleep

Now, let’s deal with this! As much as I love to sleep and it’s my go to for refuge, I also happen to stress me out. On days I have a ton of things I planned to accomplish that’s when the Sandy Man comes to visit me. It’s annoying enough to agitate me into cramming on what I set my self to tick “Done” on my list of task at the end of the day. For everyone’s information: I’m kinda harsh on myself, like I have a higher Boss to answer to that’s nagging me to finish what is expected of me to complete. That’s the right word “complete” yeah, that same word that makes sleeping a nemesis. At the end of the day when I can’t resist it any longer and has fallen into its enticement; I am woeful that I haven’t met my own time frame and tasks has to be put off til tomorrow. I hate piled up chores, can you relate? I know you do!

So what now?

I have to give in of course, as usual. But this time I have to make sure I’ll get to recover in a brisk. Got my armour for that.

SHOO FLU DIFFUSER RECIPE Young Living Essential Oil

❤2 drops Cedarwood ❤2 drops Eucalyptus Globulus ❤ 1 drop Grapefruit ( Alternative: Lemon EO in PSK)

Liquid Rub

Shoo Flu Recipe

(20% Dilution)

💕 30 ml Carrier Oil

💕 Peppermint, Oregano, Cedarwood, Grapefruit

(Refer to Dilution Guide for the required drops needed).

Tomorrow or a bit later possibly expect me to be well and up in my game again. Coffee sure will come in handy too which I am in favor of anytime😉

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