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Ukay-Ukay outfit challenge

Hey guys! We recently just moved back to our country, Philippines, and I’m very excited to share what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. I’m gonna be starting with my recent outing because I see it as an exciting story to start with this 2018.

A month in, and besides doing our projects and doing normal homeschool stuff, I have been unpacking, getting used to my new surroundings, and catching up with our families and friends, which is why I haven’t been as active here. Considering the fact that My brothers and I don’t go out as much, my parents, being the amazing people they are, brought us out to get some pizza.

I stay at home by choice, I’m not very keen on going out for many reasons.

Anyways, they brought us to this place called “Sam’s pizza” and it was amazing, the food was great, and there was a live band too which was really nice. After eating we decided to walk around for a while and explore.

I personally have never been to an ukay-ukay until now, I mean, I know that it’s a place where they sell clothes (like a filipino version of a thrift shop, vintage shop etc.). My mom describes the place as a “gold mine” apparently there are a lot of hidden ‘treasures’ you can find in there.

We found an ukay-ukay store near us so my mom and I went in, the guys didn’t want to at first. The store was HUGE and filled with racks and racks of clothes but since the store was closing soon we had a limited amount of time to look through everything.

So we took it as a challenge, of course we’ve watched a lot of videos about the challenge so we knew what to do. We had to find as much outfits as we can before the store closes, we were successful but lazy, instead of finding actual two or more pieces for an outfit we went with dresses.

I took photos of the outfits, and how much they are.


So we ended up buying the 3 black dresses, we had the guys pick out the ones they didn’t like. And that’s the end of that adventure, I hope you guys liked this, I’ll be back soon with more!

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