The Princess and the Prom prep

                              Heart Month be like…

February hits everyone with giggles and sparks coz it’s the most celebrated “Heart Month”.

By this time everyone is busy planning for their dates. Perfect places, ideas, activities, travel, gimmicks, surprises, flowers, proposals, announcements, gifts etc. Anything about love this season, is sure to get you covered.

                                Call it digression

Perhaps for the entire planet, LOVE is the buzz, but for one girl, it’s different.

The anticipation of being dolled up and carry herself in an ever glamorous way is what stirs up her emotions

                                  It’s Prom Season!

Now that I’m a mom it’s my turn to pass on the experience like a staff held by a queen and now ready to lay onto the hands of her princess.

Andy is focused on all things prom. She was browsing gowns on the Internet with much amusement in her eyes.

Looking at her, reminds me of the four-year old child telling me that she’s a princess. She even had a tiny tiara that she loves to wear all the time.

She outgrew it over the years; her interests had change and everything she loves to do before now becomes “kid’s stuff”.

But what do you know?!The sparkle in her eyes and the uncontained happiness is seen in her smile once again almost like bringing me back to her childhood looking so ecstatic over dressing up, shoes and makeup.

                                       Glam the Gal

Who am I to say no? I love to do it too. Of course I gave the girl her fancy and did a trial makeup for the “Starry Night” themed prom.


I’m delighted to do her makeup just like old times. Some things doesn’t change after all and I like that.

Time has gone by so fast, and for a moment I paused to stare at her. I realized how much she has grown, how much she has change… yet, it’s funny finding one thing that stays consistent on her… She’s a princess.

                                      Lists of makeup used:

  • Huda Beauty Setting Spray
  • Smash Box Photo finish primer
  • Coastal Scents pallets
  • NYX concealer
  • Dessert Dusk by HudaBeauty
  • Lipstick:

No7 & Pretty by Flormar

  • Nyx curved eyeliner
  • Story Book Cosmetics Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Maybelline age rewind
  • Maybelline Fit Me 115 & 120 combined
  • Eyebrows: Penakle V2
  • Max factor Transluscent powder
  • Coastal Scents Cream Concealer
  • NYX HD Photogenic green color corrector concealer
  • NYX matte bronzer
  • Maybelline Dream Sun bronzer / highlighter
  • ANASTASIA cover fix moonbeam highlighter
  • Mikyaji Rose blush
  • Brush: Mikyaji and So Eco Brushes

Well I guess all moms will agree, that we  too are excited to see their daughters all dressed up like those princesses in fairy tales, right?

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