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On days like this. When the mind becomes The wilderness.

Sharing is not always easy for the fear of people judging. But if I can help anyone who are having the same situation then imparting something real and honest is mostly rewarding than the worries of what the narrow minded might say.
May God reward the #gossiper according to their deeds😇

There are days that are difficult to get by. It’s not just a plain mood or bad days so it isn’t easy. Even if I have these oils with me, reaching for it seems so tedious of a task.

My Survival Routine

Self care, Music, Writing? These are my go tos in my attempt to keep myself from spiraling down. Sadly this time, they all lack the spark to be interesting enough, I simply lost the energy to do anything at all. I started the day by saying my prayers, induced sleep (my first defense) and kept myself quiet to ease my tension and anxiousness hoping to regain myself in the process.

Physical strain

I started feeling the stiffness at the back of my neck and radiating towards my shoulders down to the sides of my back. No amount of sleep has ever helped. I felt the big low is coming few days before yesterday. It agitated me even further from the dread of coming in collision with it again.

While everyone around me is having a normal day, watching movie and laughing, I was in the room isolating myself. I am such a droop! Yeah, even their laugh or the happiness isn’t so infectious enough to affect me. It’s my red flag to know I’m a already in a wreck.

How did my day go?

Bad! It’s already sun down, still the same and getting worst. Thoughts in my head are racing uncontrollably with worries, speculations, mostly heavy random thoughts.

Before sleeping, two bottle of oils were handed to me, coz I still can’t get myself feel better. I’m actually not a fan of ~Stress away ~ but I care less of anything that night so I took it along with Peace & Calming, inhaled it directly from the bottle, holding it ever so sluggish away from my face.

Hey! this isn’t promotional or anything like that at all. It’s actually funny to realize that I am advocating these oils and I wasn’t even sure of how this can help me during this time event though I know why it’ll work and all the science-y stuff behind it. Worst! I was convinced It’s not gonna help at all. I-just-don’t- need-it!

Moments later

After a while I found myself playing a mobile game with my son, I actually even invited him to play with me. I’m calm!

Only just this morning when I realized the transition that quickly happened last night.

I slept good and woke up so much better.

I still know why I started feeling the way I did yesterday, still have a bit of stiffness on my shoulders but when I woke up and staring at the ceiling, to my surprise my thoughts are clear.

Crazy as it may sound but I was trying to go back to feeling down not bec I wanted to but bec. I am trying to test the effect of the oils.
I’m still disappointed and all, recalling what is causing my lows. Yes those are still present, but the difference is, inhaling the oils has truly affected my balance in a good way.

I stand corrected

I remember saying, I don’t need the oils, It won’t help. Once again It has proven itself to me..I was wrong.

Negative thoughts are blocked no matter how I tried to invite them in. The heaviness of my heart which caused my sulking and uncontrollable thoughts is non existent anymore. You see I am able to write this. I’m not saying I solved the things that bothers me, but I have a lighter feeling and handling it far better today.
I’m a worrier and probably can’t change it. But even if the day comes to knock me down again, I’ll repeat my sequence of self help including the use of these oils.

Even if I’ll say again that I don’t need it, someone at home will sure to hand it to me. No matter how many meltdown days I’m gonna have, I have my family who will always care to help me get through it😚

💓Why am I sharing this?

You would probably say, It’s nonsense, it’s attention grabbing, just being sale-sy etc.
Really! I’m not. Who among you are strong enough to admit they aren’t always okay!? Instead, a lot, may do well with pretensions for keeping up appearances.

So really I don’t have the time to pull your leg for that lousy attention.
And a gentle reminder, this is not intended for you if you have that thought in your head. The nerve you have to get to this part, is obviously just wanting to judge. I advise you to discontinue reading😏.

I wanted to help

Like I said I just wanted to help other’s who are occasionally dealing with something similar to this. I know how bad it gets and for those days that I successfully conquered it, It’s my way of helping by sharing how I did it.

It might be of crucial significance for others to know how.

We constantly search for ways to make us triumphant over the things that weigh us down. If I can’t make myself feel better then maybe I can make someone else’s day better coz I understand the challenge it entails and any help accessible is a dire need.

I can’t stand the thought of losing against a bad day. I came this far, I’ve battled it’s war a lot of times to raise the white flag. No it won’t happen. It can’t win over me, ever!

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