Get to know Me

My little screamer Noah

For starter, Noah is my fifth child, nine years gap from the fourth one. He became an instant joy bearer in the family, everyone loves him and made him their favorite among siblings.

Peace Diplomat

He still was an infant then when I noticed that he reacts quickly on loud voices bringing him to tears. Some kind of an emotion where it felt so sad to him. Because of that Noah brought peace in the house😄. We learned not to get emotionally hyped and concious on our voices when we talk to each other when he is around.

As he was growing bigger I started discovering more of his behaviour and emotions. He is particular with hugs and cuddles. He would throw tantrums and hide under the blanket when he is upset. Usually because someone hadn’t spent a bit more time kissing or cuddling him before getting upfrom bed. Til this time he is already three years old, it’s a customary act for us to give him his required time for cuddles or else now that he is bigger, he would scream out loud blowing his disappointment feeling neglected.

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