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Shake it off Monday! – Easing the blues in a Blue dress

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a few selfie once in a while.

It’s not easy to appreciate oneself. Oftentimes I’m more critical about my own self.
As I have told, even those that are minute in detail to be noticed on me is 10x magnified when I’m the one looking at it. My best self is when I can manage to not let stress get the better of me. Tho it’s not my usual, I do thrive at times, and when I do, it’s when I feel more inspired to even see myself in a better light!

There are days when I look at the mirror, I can still see remnants of nice things on me,
“You still don’t look beaten up after all” (with a shrug )
These are the times I get my eyebrows on fleek! Yes, I said it right, my eyebrows will give it away😅

In the last few days, I’m hating what I see in myself. I noticed that my face became dull and dry. I had little bumps on my face that were a bit itchy. I slumped! I felt bad and sad.
My incessant thinking got me like this, that I found it tedious to even put any moisturizer on my face at night. Just sooo tired and no energy to do it.
Earlier, when this photo was taken, I had the best mood to start the day but it snapped in a wink by an unexpected incident that really brought me down. It got me instantly blank and down again. But then I have a son who is waiting to have his birthday celebrated that day and he is supposed to be my priority in the first place. It may not be easy to just pull myself together and shake off the hassles and the big emotions coming on me, but I tried my best to get on and gather my sense of peace.
The not so good part of me was set aside for a while. I decided to go make myself feel good, choose a comfortable dress, fix my hair and drew on a nice pair of brows😉 and be with the people who’s wonderful to be with that day! My kids😊 and of course Noah the birthday boy. The highlight of my day.

So there I was, loving how I made myself felt a bit better by boosting a little self love and appreciation. Hence the selfies!

ome people may get into our nerves and ruin our day while they never plan on making it right, plan on pushing them aside, to make room for yourself to get back your stance. Because some people are just good in pissing off others and expert in ruining someone else’s day especially an important event. I learned it the hard way. I guess I need to practice more in looking after myself.
And If I become an expert on that, the people who get me down may not matter to me at all anymore.

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