Girls Day-out

Thursday, June 7, I meet up with girlfriends to go to the city and have our break from our common daily routine in Ruwais. It’s our day off unofficially. Do not marvel on where we left our kids with, of course, our trusty hubs do all the working, from house chores to kids,  it’s their DAY-OFF anyway.

I’m sure that when we got off the bus the driver would have been relieved as we are the only passengers who did not even know the meaning of “nap”. We chatter about almost anything and everything we can think of.  Well I guess that’s what women do and it plays a big part of what you call bonding, leastwise we’re not boring.

Our agenda was to have our nails done, to get a haircut, to buy a white blouse and a bit of shopping, needless to say.
Which one was mine? It’s the one with a design on it, I take full credit for the design haha! I did this before we set out on this “girlfriends-date”.
And the oh so lovely bag!
By the time we had all agendas checked, it did not leave any chance for us to sit down and sip coffee as our bus will leave at 5:30 pm to take us home (wish we had more time sniff!)  As the whipping cream touches our lips and savoring the milky goodness of our coffee, we felt the completeness of our day.
It was a good day. What do you know? the chatting never stops, till we reached home.
And by the way, I got these gorgeous shoes which definitely made my day!

Happy to arrived home safe and happy. Hubby’s and the kiddos were alright too, having done perfectly all that we have left them to do.

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