Spring Break and The new baby

First blog in 2015. Got a lot of things in mind to share but just couldn’t find a time. Last year was all about my baby bump (once again…for the 5th time 😊) busy months, and I wish sooner I can share it with you and hopefully sum them up in one writing.I am really looking forward to it since I do not want my baby to reach a year old before I do so, whom in fact is now 8 months old.

Time check..3:16 a.m to be exact.everyone is dozed off and the sandman has skipped me.

Here’s my #ootd for our first-day spring break get away.

Anne Klein flexi shoes, LV vernis Thompson Bowler.

I feel like adding a bit more height so I thought of wearing this comfy shoes again. Oh well, who am I kidding? I just feel fab hearing the tick-tock- sound of my shoes when i walk, I miss it so much. Everything feels so right if you put on a pair of shoes like this. A few inches are always an instant FAB.


Here are more of the photos of my family.


Inside the soundproof room for babies in our church.

Hunny and cutiepatootie Noah with our Birthday boy, Luis


baby photo bomb behind us 😅😜

I guess that is all for now.

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