About Me


Hi, I’m Cia,  Filipina living in UAE. Author and founder of  Sprinkle of Honey Blog. I’m an Interior Decorator, a self-taught Makeup Artist a chef wannabe and believer of healthy lifestyle.

Did you go to a makeup school? 

 ♥ I  haven’t attended any formal class. Growing up, I’m always the muse and often being invited on events so  I’m used in sitting on a makeup chair and let the artist do it’s work but the inclination came when I had my daughter. I felt the need to do it and lessen the panic to look for one whenever she needs it. I started learning from practice taking lessons  in YouTube from Wayne Goss, Lisa Eldridge and couple more experts.  I realized I have the hand for it. 

How did you learn cooking? 

♥ My family is a great mentor. Both my parents are good in it. My mom’s inherited the skills from my Chinese grand father. My Uncles and Aunts from my father’s are adventurous in whipping up something without a recipe in hand and amazingly comes out superb. My very first try in cooking was when I was 10. Since then it is innately in me.

♥ My being a picky eater when I was  a kid contributed to my knowledge to differ dishes  from what truly taste amazing and what’s just fine though most of the time I find what’s good for them already is still quite lacking of sumptuousness for me.

 What is fashion to you? 

It’s our representation of who we are  in a creative expression of oneself. It can be the elegance in simplicity to the grandest flair. I am influenced by my mom and aunt. I looked at them so gloriously from how they brush their hair,the perfume they wear, the necklaces hanging on their necks and the fabric that touches their skin. Most of all the sound of their heels on the floor. All these were also from my  spanish descent granny who is always fabulous.


 — I’m into using natural, organic stuff in making our own skin care products since the kids are small. —

Why is that?

♥ They were born with sensitive skin. They can have rashes all over their face just by taking them out. My daughter has food allergies and eczema seems like a natural to them.


    — Still  pursuing my love of writing as I juggle my every day with kids, hubby, and home. Plus tens of things I wanted to do despite not having enough time at all. — 

When did it start? 

♥I remember doing it as early as 10 carrying a notepad and pen wherever I go writing down Ideas, poems or just thoughts on anything anytime and anywhere it strikes me. From there I bagan the life of writing in our school paper and joining competitions til highschool.  College, was writing short stories as hobby.

                                                     Other Hobbies and Interests: 

I have a lot usually developed over time. I love to learn new things. I may discover more of myself through it.

♥ Sewing – I hate it before but I spoke too soon hahaha

 ♥ Art and Craft, DIYs

  ♥ Photography –  translated as: picture hoarder. moments don’t last, pictures bring them back.

How long were you married?

20 years… I know right?! with 5 kids

And oh let’s not forget

 Self confessed coffee addict.  

   You may send your questions. topic suggestions to talk about interests we can share. Be it a girl talk or mom lingo. Hope you’ll be entertained reading  my posts and the contributor’ as we  go along on our blog  journey.