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I’m Chris, contributor on this blog.

I always want to be on the move. I love traveling with my family, it’s my stress buster. I’m more into simplicity of things in life as much as I can make it to be. A positive thinker and believes that all things are possible with constant help of prayer. I am more on the political side thinking of my family, and famous with cracking of corny jokes. Here I’ll mainly share posts through photos I’ve taken, usually in black in white theme. Assigned role includes, Instagram husband and Instagram Dad and a constant buddy to our youngest son NOAH.


                                     Pray, Hope and don’t worry

– Fr. Pio



    Hi! I’m Andrea,  but you can call me Andy.  Contributor and co- Author on this blog.

I appeared in this world in the summer of 2003.  Single since birth, an introvert and a nightowl, always a struggle to wake up in the morning, unlike my parents who seem to wake up EARLY without an alarm.  Lover of books, and 50’s music. Proud Slytherin, and supporter of freedom and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Mostly I will be writing about normal teenage things, and what I’m interested in. Feel free to ask me for advices on your “love problems”, but don’t blame me if y’all break up. Enjoy!