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What your Skin need this Winter season

  Hey, girlfriends it's DIY monday! The ladies gather once more for a morning loaded with fun. A couple of week ago, Jenny Peña ( Young Living leder in Ruwais) got her DIY lotion, lip balm and  spray kit sent by Jenny Morris (Our leader in US), she's so generous to share these things to… Continue reading What your Skin need this Winter season


Guide Me

Jesus I'm asking for direction when I'm filled with doubts. I am disoriented and somehow overwhelmed with the present situations. I'm terrified of my what ifs, my memory of  things I went through that may happen again. I'm scared of uncertainties and plans that did not prosper. I'm mostly scared of the cycles I've been on… Continue reading Guide Me

Food Log

Food stop at Little Manila Abu Dhabi.. Shall I recommend it?

On the last day of our stay in the city, we thought of looking for a place to eat before heading on a 250 kilometer drive back home, my husband mentioned a newly opened gastronomic place in Abu Dhabi called Little Manila and I hurriedly search for the direction online to check out their offering.… Continue reading Food stop at Little Manila Abu Dhabi.. Shall I recommend it?

Our Young Living Journey

The Oily Week

The week gone by fast and thanks goodness that it has been kind to us.  It looked liked my recent purchase of essential oil has put it's credibility to the test. I had vertigo the night I picked i up from the courier post, not that they don't have door to door delivery, just my… Continue reading The Oily Week