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Pasta in a hurry

I won’t be blabbing much to share this recipe I just hurriedly whipped today. As you can see my life now with Noah (who’s, by the way, turned 9 months last Apr.16)  is like playing Quidditch and time is an elusive golden snitch which I have to catch while he is asleep.

We were in the kitchen and dear son is crying as if it’s the best day to cry ever. But mind you I was only an inch away from him. Anyway, I saw the leftover pork adobo in the fridge and instantly just like an automated machine I looked for a packet of pasta and viola!

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Cabbage wrap in coconut cream

dash of chili flakes gives it a subtle kick.

Guilty as pledged. It’s been quite a while having the time to nod hello to my blog. Spare me of my occasional laziness and I sure do not want to be mistaken for it, of not loving to write. I plan to give a highlight to my daughter’s birthday last July and here I am going to give you nothing about it but instead an entirely different genre from what I’m supposed to. Well, it’s no surprise, after all, I’m used to myself being that way.

I’ll be sharing a recipe of my mother and eventually being a favorite of my two boys while they were growing up and I need to mention my brother-In-law who fell in love with this dish the first time my mom cooked it for him.

The origin of this food came from Bicol where my Mother was born and raised.It’s a region in the Philippines where coconuts, taro leaves, and peppers are bountiful. Mama used to tell me so much about her childhood and the dishes she grew up cooking and eating.

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Chicken cheese Franks and Mushroom

It seems years had passed since my last post. I’ve been busy, super busy with a lot of things rushing ahead and caught me frozen. Yes, frozen! I’d chose to petrify myself and not do anything instead. I am actually browsing my Pinterest and stumble upon a food pic which really resembles the one I’m doing for so long now. What’s funny is that this morning I called a friend to ask about the dinner we’re going to prepare for the upcoming Youth for Christ Camp and I suggested if my old-time fool proofed dish is okay with her. Then this lovely popped out telling me I’m on the right track. The dish looks summery as the name suggests. I’m sure you too will love this.
Photo courtesy of Visit this site for healthy and sumptuous dishes you’ll surely love. I adore her: D

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Happy Carrot Zucchini Apple Bread

During school days my mind is working incessantly from the moment I open my eyes in the morning til late of what snack/lunch the kids will bring to school. My second eldest son hardly eats veggies and the luckiest fruit has gotten a special entrance ID from his tongue is the banana, after a few years he allowed apple too. (rarely). That is why I was astonished to hear him asked me to buy some oranges. Of course, i did not waste a blink and darted away gladly. It’s already strange enough to make him like anything sour or citrusy, so if he was delirious when he said that, I don’t care this is a chance to grasp.

Due to the desperation of a Mom who must win against her son on a  veggie and fruit war, I had to cheat him.

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The Cheesecake Love Affair

Hunny and I went hunting for my most coveted MOD PODGE.

Where else can we go?

After having our brunch we hurriedly hopped to another mall and continue our search. But there was an insatiable feel in my mouth which I obviously know the answer to, coffee!  And in the coffee shop, you’ll see so much more to excite your eyes.

 This is the best part, I was greeted by the cheesecakes near the counter, and ooh as always they are mesmerizing. As I  promised myself last week “I’ll give in to its calling the next time”, so I yield to its wishes. Sadly though, I got no photo of the Dulce de Leche cheesecake who befriended me dearly, but, I say it was wonderful.

 I planned a week before, that I’ll be making New York Cheesecake my least favorite of all the cheesecakes. Maybe because it is denser and different in texture than the melt-in-the-mouth softness of the usual kind. SO why am I going to make one? Simple, it’s the glory of conquering what I dislike or makes me uncomfortable. Just like when I say I won’t get into baking, here I am pushed myself to find out maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

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Ooh Doughnuts!

Baking, Baking… I am really amazed by people who can bake, i used to watch my aunt bake a lot of goodies every weekend when i was a kid, she definitely loves to stack up on food  in her fridge. But i find baking very tiring and messy, so i made a vow that i wouldn’t really try.

So after having kids i broke the vow, okay maybe i can do the simplest one for my kids like brownies and muffins, and so i did and found it very flattering to find out my kids liked it. Hubby started to buy me baking books. When i was pregnant with my fourth child, i decided to try one from the book and my cake turned out hard as a rock and i got frustrated, my second take was a doughnut that my colleague from work used to bring all the time. It was tasty ! i got inspired to try once more and out of impatience, i just left the kitchen without finishing what i started, hubby has to clean up the flour and all.

Last few weeks i remembered the uninspiring memory of my doughnut trial, i gave it a go again and very hopeful with fingers crossed, that it would turn out well. and if it did  then i believe i’m into a new endeavor of my life…. Baking!   So, now it’s 2012 and after the failed trial last 2005, here are the photos of the night the doughnut was born in my kitchen.

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