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On days like this. When the mind becomes The wilderness.

Sharing is not always easy for the fear of people judging. But if I can help anyone who are having the same situation then imparting something real and honest is mostly rewarding than the worries of what the narrow minded might say. May God reward the #gossiper according to their deeds😇 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ There are days… Continue reading On days like this. When the mind becomes The wilderness.

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How do you start your day? This is mine.

As much as I hate routine coz I get bored easily, there is one thing that seems to defy it. I cannot really classify that as a routine either, it's a need. Saying The Rosary Some of you may not agree on this as we have different belief, or religion or those who has non… Continue reading How do you start your day? This is mine.

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Adobo Pasta

I won't be blabbing much to share this recipe I just hurriedly whipped today. As you can see my life now with Noah (who's, by the way, turned 9 months last Apr.16) is like playing Quidditch and time is an elusive golden snitch which I have to catch while he is asleep. We were in the kitchen and dear son is crying as if it's the best day to cry ever. But mind you I was only an inch away from him. Anyway, I saw the leftover pork adobo in the fridge and instantly just like an automated machine I looked for a packet of pasta and viola!

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Cabbage wrap in coconut cream

Guilty as pledged. It's been quite a while having the time to nod hello to my blog. Spare me of my occasional laziness and I sure do not want to be mistaken for it, of not loving to write. I plan to give a highlight to my daughter's birthday last July and here I am… Continue reading Cabbage wrap in coconut cream