Caught between Lazy Morning and Father’s Day

Most days  I am in my best mood of hanging out in the kitchen and happily trying out new recipes, but this day….  I feel too heavy to get up from the bed and I don’t feel like doing anything ( sounds like a lyrics from a song )  anyway,  Hunny’s home from his morning jog, he even brought me coffee in bed before he freshens up (how sweet! ).  I checked my mobile phone to check social networks. I was surprised with wide eyes literally, to see that everyone has posted their Father’s Day greetings and so as my husband. I think I am the only person in the world who has a total ignorance of the passing day and no sense of calendar dates (I thought only in directions and maps).

I got up, greeted him with a hug and say “What do you want me to make today?” (pretending I did not forget his day), he replied with a big smile “Bread pudding”. .huuuh sigh! I thought he will say ” oh that’s alright do not bother” …

Dragging my feet I began to concede to his request.

after 35 mins. tadaaa! He must have missed this from his mom.

Dear daughter volunteered to pipe the vanilla whip cream.

While Hunny was taking a nap (he’s going to work after lunch, that’s why), I rushed to make a Card-Tag ( I do not know how shall I name it, hehe!)  to add a touch of  elegance to a simple pudding and perhaps just to say I made the day special.


It’s supposed to be wacky! He is and mine’s Horrible 😀 haha!

Our eldest Son 14 yrs old
Our second eldest 13 yrs. old
Our third child, Our princess.
Our youngest son 7 yrs old. Yeah I know very long hair.

I admit I was not ready enough nor saved the date on my event’s list but this blogging dedicated to you my dear must have been an elbow grease.  I also had a video which still not uploaded because that too is rush… But Father’s day or not, You will always be special for us. Happy Daddy day every day!

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