Summer is not only for people.

I love Summer, the bright blue sky every morning gives an exhilarating kind of energy. What i also love about it is when i hear the birds chirping outside the window, it feels calm and kicks you out of the bed to get you going and start your day with the smile.

But unfortunately here in Ruwais where the sun hits the high heat of 42°C to 45 °C  indulging with the summer feeling can be so painfully scorching. Then i thought why not bring the outside “IN” to my home.

Here it is the simplest but bright as it can be.

Tips :

*Find out the color that warms your heart when  your eyes fell on it, if that color makes you feel good then go ahead make it the hue to bring excitement to your room.

*Look for contrast of colors but harmonious in the eyes to see, like hot pink and green, peach and turquoise blue, orange and sage, orange and creams.

* Get inspired with summer colors in clothing or prints on dresses, definitely you can find something that you’ll fall in love with.
* go Nautical – stripes of blue and white are refreshing and depicts the beach or a house near it. The simplest among all, when your quite afraid to experiment.

* lastly when you finally decided what goes into your home STOP  before diving right into bugging your husband to go for shopping on what you need, try to search around the house for items, fabric or decor that you may already have that can be use for accessorizing your home.

Tricks and  the few handy hints that you can do:

 *Curtains this may sound so simple but it really does the work. Make your curtain fun , quirky. You can buy a pre-made which is widely available in department stores. If you are fond of making your own, you can go ahead and find a fabric that you like and run it in your sewing machine.


  Elegant nautical curtain



 The simple Stripes

* Throw pillow covers – if your curtain has a multiple color like mine, pick one or two to coordinate your pillow covers. If you are brave enough, you can pick even three colors as you wish to.

For the nautical theme, you may find covers with shells, boat, and stripes pattern or design.

* Plants- artificial or not will absolutely bring the outdoors “IN” and will give the summer breezy feeling inside. Remember that the greens and blues are cool colors and thus soothing against  the eye-catching colors that you will be using throughout the room.

* Accessories – now that you’ve brought your curtain and pillow cover, it is time for the accessories…YIPEEE! this too is my favorite part. when accessorizing  remember not to overwhelm the room or it’ll look so distressful in the eyes. pick stuff that will enhance it. For the coffee table , you can buy candles with summery hues.               candle holders are options if you wanna stick to white candles, which can also be used to update the look of any room according to your color scheme.

* You may also use items with shells, beaches on lampshades, trays, and even frames hang against the wall.     wall art

* use wall art to decorate the blank wall, but remember , if you’re going to nail pretty much like these numbers of hanging on your wall and accessorize such as these , collections of stuff , you can do so, but limit in one place to make it a focal point in your room and the rest are just an excerpts from these point just to unify the room decor altogether.

Accessories such as these are great addition to enliven the room and whispers summer even if you don’t get to go outside too often.

*Do not forget to add a touch of earthy elements like stones on a tray of candles,  plants, a bit of brown hues like wicker items (vases, baskets to hold magazines etc.) and you’re good to go.

Exciting as it may seem to start your hunt,take a pause and remember to be careful on being too overwhelmed, plan carefully on where you are going to place what you’re going to buy and what exactly you might need to just update the look for the season. Buy something that can be used again, as much as possible.

There are living rooms, that may seem pretty at first look (and most of the people who doesn’t have any idea on decorating, finds it appealing when in fact , it is not so)and actually not a sight to behold because there’s no place for the eyes to rest on.  BUSY BUSY anywhere you look. Try to avoid these common mistakes and you’ll sure to be on your way on decorating the right way, and it would save you money too from buying much from what you really just need.

As my rules in designing or decorating “a little goes along way”, an overly, overly dramatic kind of accessorizing is tiring and would make it look cluttered and so to say “Tacky”..

Well that’s pretty much it.  Hope you will get inspired and get your decorating hands moving… Happy Summer!!!

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