Zesty Dining Room Color

ODD , is what you may call it, most of the flats here were very generous of doors to separate every room with different functions, seemingly a labyrinth. The one that we got was impressively unique too, upon entering the door a very short hall way will greet you, on the left hand side  you’ll find the kitchen and on the opposite side ,with a few steps ,you are ready to dine.

  I painted one side of the wall an exciting color as a focal point. Inviting to the eyes once you    enter my tiny hallway. Drop light, light blue candle lamp were from my fave Swedish store, frame from a thrift local shop.

Bamboo blinds once again folks, and an old plastic flower i crafted to tie the curtain.
*notice the hallway on the left?

 Re upholstered the dining seat to blend in with the color scheme.


     I really love, love,  love this cupboard. It has a Japanese  feel to it.

And though our new home is quite smaller than we had before, i think it didn’t matter at all.

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