Ooh Doughnuts

Baking, Baking… I am really amazed by people who can bake, i used to watch my aunt bake a lot of goodies every weekend when i was a kid, she definitely loves to stack up on food  in her fridge. But i find baking very tiring and messy, so i made a vow that i wouldn’t really try.

So after having kids i broke the vow, okay maybe i can do the simplest one for my kids like brownies and muffins, and so i did and found it very flattering to find out my kids liked it. Hubby started to buy me baking books. When i was pregnant with my fourth child, I decided to try one from the book and my cake turned out hard as a rock and I got frustrated, my second take was a doughnut that my colleague from work used to bring all the time. It was tasty ! I got inspired to try once more and out of impatience, i just left the kitchen without finishing what i started, hubby has to clean up the flour and all.

Last few weeks i remembered the uninspiring memory of my doughnut trial, i gave it a go again and very hopeful with fingers crossed, that it would turn out well. And if it did, I believe I’m into a new endeavor …. Baking!   So, now it’s 2012 and after the failed trial last 2005, here are the photos of the night the doughnut was born in my kitchen.

After trying the recipe given to me, i find it very sticky and need to add at least 2 cups while kneading, I finally made my own recipe which I find much easier to handle and with just right consistency.here’s what you need:

  1. 5 cups Self Raising Flour (all-purpose can be use)
  2. 1 1/2 Milk
  3. 50 g butter
  4. 3 egg beaten
  5. 2 tbsp yeast
  6. 2/3 cup sugar
  7. 1/2 tsp vanilla
  8. 1/2 tsp cloves (optional)
  9. 1/2 tsp nutmeg

after an hour waiting for it to rise…i’m excited!


Here’s how:

  1. Put butter in the milk and heat in the microwave til the butter  is melted but not boiling.in case the butter is not fully melted, just stir through.
  2. add the yeast, vanilla, salt, nutmeg, cloves, sugar
  3. add the beaten egg then add the flour a cup at a time.
  4. you may use a stand mixer ( but in my case just a wooden ladle) til all the flour is incorporated.
  5. transfer to another bowl cover with a clean kitchen towel or cheese cloth and wait an hour to rise
  6. after an hour knead til smooth
  7. flatten with rolling-pin to the desired thickness and cut. ( you may use cookie cutters for  fun shapes
  8. dip in a hot oil , flip on the other side when its golden brown and it’s ready.

I do not have a doughnut cutter so i improvised using my condiment bowl and a medicine cup to punch the holes.

I really do not like splattering flour so i always use aluminum foil while kneading for easy clean up.


Imagenow, the real deal , let’s see what will happen.

Image Image 

Yippee!!! i made it!




     with Icing Sugar                                





 *for the glaze:
 2 cups icing sugar , vanilla , milk or water
*  mix all the ingredients adding milk / water a tbsp at a time. The consistency
 should be thin. dip the doughnut.
4 to 5 cups icing sugar (depending on how many donuts you want to put frosting on)
Vanilla, water
*combine the ingredients adding milk or water a spoon at a time.
 mix the ingredients adding water a tbsp at a time til you get a very thick but spreadable consistency. You may add a food color that you like. For choco frosting add melted chocolate in the icing sugar before adding water.
                        After a long years of waiting, i made it successfully,ha! i guess I’ll stick true to what i said earlier, i’m on my way into baking again.. baking is a test of patience, and i have learned that very well.

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