Pasta in a hurry

I won’t be blabbing much to share this recipe I just hurriedly whipped today. As you can see my life now with Noah (who’s, by the way, turned 9 months last Apr.16)  is like playing Quidditch and time is an elusive golden snitch which I have to catch while he is asleep.

We were in the kitchen and dear son is crying as if it’s the best day to cry ever. But mind you I was only an inch away from him. Anyway, I saw the leftover pork adobo in the fridge and instantly just like an automated machine I looked for a packet of pasta and viola!

I see to it that I never ran out of pasta or noodles in my pantry for quick cooking dishes. I don’t know but there is something about noodles and pasta that immediately transform me into a master chef, or so I thought!😉


*500 g. spaghetti noodles

*leftover pork Adobo (Filipino Dish)

*4 tbsp margarine or butter

*2 tbsp olive oil

*1 tbsp. garlic paste

*pepper, salt (i used Himalayan pink salt on this but any salt will do)

*1 1/2 tbsp sherry vinegar (balsamic will do)

* dash of garlic powder

* few cherry tomatoes cut in half

* 2 tbsp mirin

* teaspoon of sweet soy sauce (or a tbsp of soy sauce)


Heat margarine and olive oil in pan drop in the garlic paste followed by cherry tomatoes.  Next, stir in sliced pork adobo and fry for a minute. Incorporate cooked pasta, add the rest of the ingredients and season according to taste.  I added a bit more olive oil and mozzarella cheese on top as I do not have parmesan cheese😜 at the moment (note to self: check pantry). Pasta dishes must not be bounded by red and white sauce alone. I always have the habit to deviate from the usual recipes to create new ones with my signature marked in every taste. Pasta can be very versatile you just need a little creativity and imagination.

Toss ’em together and you have a simple delish pasta in nick of time. And the most satisfying part is, it came out sumptuous and the kids love it to bits.

hot from the stove



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