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One Fine Dec 3 Morning

Just an idea that popped-out the night before, to have an early morning breakfast at the gazebo near the New Recreation Centre. Anyway for my family, early means before lunch so as I always do, woke-up ahead of them and prepare our planned simple breakfast at the park. It's a perfect chance to catch the morning… Continue reading One Fine Dec 3 Morning

Food Log

Food stop at Little Manila Abu Dhabi.. Shall I recommend it?

On the last day of our stay in the city, we thought of looking for a place to eat before heading on a 250 kilometer drive back home, my husband mentioned a newly opened gastronomic place in Abu Dhabi called Little Manila and I hurriedly search for the direction online to check out their offering.… Continue reading Food stop at Little Manila Abu Dhabi.. Shall I recommend it?

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Adobo Pasta

I won't be blabbing much to share this recipe I just hurriedly whipped today. As you can see my life now with Noah (who's, by the way, turned 9 months last Apr.16) is like playing Quidditch and time is an elusive golden snitch which I have to catch while he is asleep. We were in the kitchen and dear son is crying as if it's the best day to cry ever. But mind you I was only an inch away from him. Anyway, I saw the leftover pork adobo in the fridge and instantly just like an automated machine I looked for a packet of pasta and viola!

Get to know Me

Chicken cheese Franks and Mushroom

It seems years had passed since my last post. I've been busy, super busy with a lot of things rushing ahead and caught me frozen. Yes, frozen! I'd chose to petrify myself and not do anything instead. I am actually browsing my Pinterest and stumble upon a food pic which really resembles the one I'm… Continue reading Chicken cheese Franks and Mushroom