A day in our life, FAMILY

One Fine Dec 3 Morning

Just an idea that popped-out the night before, to have an early morning breakfast at the gazebo near the New Recreation Centre. Anyway for my family, early means before lunch so as I always do, woke-up ahead of them and prepare our planned simple breakfast at the park. It's a perfect chance to catch the morning… Continue reading One Fine Dec 3 Morning

A day in our life, FAMILY

Caught between lazy morning and Father’s Day

Most days  I am in my best mood of hanging out in the kitchen and happily trying out new recipes, but this day....  I feel too heavy to get up from the bed and I don't feel like doing anything ( sounds like a lyrics from a song )  anyway,  Hunny's home from his morning… Continue reading Caught between lazy morning and Father’s Day

Design & Decor

Inexpensive Family Room Makeover

It has been a long time since I planned to get into blogging and after a lot of years, here it goes... my first post with photos included. So for the pilot episode (haha!) i decided to feature our home ( in Fujairah, UAE ) that i decorated back in 2005.        … Continue reading Inexpensive Family Room Makeover