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Shake it off Monday! – Easing the blues in a Blue dress

I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a few selfie once in a while. It's not easy to appreciate oneself. Oftentimes I'm more critical about my own self. As I have told, even those that are minute in detail to be noticed on me is 10x magnified when I'm the one looking at it. My… Continue reading Shake it off Monday! – Easing the blues in a Blue dress

DIYs & Crafting


My friends and I are having a Christmas sleepover few days from now, YAY! and we're gonna be exchanging gifts, how do you pass up a tradition? We have been doing it since we were 8.  It's so timely because it was my friend's birthday a few days ago and I haven't gotten her any… Continue reading Scrap-booking


Guide Me

Jesus I'm asking for direction when I'm filled with doubts. I am disoriented and somehow overwhelmed with the present situations. I'm terrified of my what ifs, my memory of  things I went through that may happen again. I'm scared of uncertainties and plans that did not prosper. I'm mostly scared of the cycles I've been on… Continue reading Guide Me